Our story

With our office located just minutes away from Zurich we are working on state of the art technology for the drones of tomorrow. Our research focuses on highly integrated computer vision and obstacle avoidance as well as advanced control algorithms, enabling the next generation of intelligent drones. 

We are proud to say that Yuneec Research is a key contributor of PX4, the open-source software ecosystem for drones. Our collaboration and dedication to the open-source community behind PX4 allows us to help build the most advanced and open flight system for drones and applications all over the world.  At the same time it enables us to keep our own flight controller, the heart and brain of every drone, up-to-date with the most recent advances and features of PX4.

Our technology


Visual Localization

Visual Localization means to derive or estimate the drone's position in an unknown environment using visual input to perceive the world. We believe that Visual Localization is the next technological leap regarding autonomous drones. GPS-based systems do not have pin-point accuracy nor do they work indoors, problems which can both be solved with visual localization.


Advanced Path Planning

"Getting the perfect shot under any circumstances!"
Path planning is the art of finding a flight path that fulfills various criteria including what the drone physically can do as well as what the pilot wants it to do. It allows for precise and smooth execution of cinematic shots, but also makes sure that your drone finds its way back home in case of an unexpected emergency.


Obstacle Avoidance

Obstacle Avoidance allows drones to detect obstacles and prevent collisions. It is a key feature that future drones must possess. We are working on providing the technology to reliably detect obstacles under difficult and varying conditions, as is the nature of any real-world environment. Obstacle Avoidance must be deeply embedded into the flight system's architecture in order to be effective.


Flight Control

Flight Control is what makes a drone actually fly. Using several internal sensors, the flight controller stabilizes the aircraft, interprets stick inputs from the remote control and autonomously executes high-level commands.
We actively shape PX4 APIs together with the Open-source community and strive to improve the stability and performance of the flight controller software.


Glen Stark

Team Lead

Dennis Mannhart

Flight Control

Matthias Grob

Flight Control

Simone Guscetti

R&D Engineer

Alessandro Simovic

R&D Engineer

Mary Liu

Finance, HR & Administration

Greater area of Zurich

Being around Zurich means that we are also located near ETH Zurich, the heart of technical innovation and birth-place of PX4. Many of our engineers have studied at ETH Zurich and worked with Lorenz Meier during their graduate studies at some point. Stepping from a robotics laboratory out into the drone industry was therefore a natural step for us. With a history like that, we are able to maintain strong bonds to academia, research institutes, the PX4 community and our colleagues from other young startups making their impact in the drone industry.



Yuneec Research is a small team of ETH Engineering graduates. Our work environment is similar to that of a startup: flat hierarchy, young coworkers, dynamic work environment, collaboration, respect and support of one-another.

Our team consists of drone enthusiasts, FPV racing pilots and overall very active and sport-loving people. Some of us go out to play Tennis or Badminton on a weekly basis. We also love sharing a good cheese Fondue during the cold winter days or a delicious barbecue in the summer.

Our office is a jump away from Zurich. In mere 9 minutes you can reach us from the Zurich main station; 20 minutes if you are departing from ETH Zurich. 

Join Us

Have we sparked your interest? Would you like to be part of a thriving company and shape the future of the drone industry? Did you always want to work on open-source code with people from all over the world? Does the sight of a drone ignite your excitement and you can’t even explain why? You might just be the person we are looking for.

We strongly believe that collaboration is key to success. As such we need team-players that are willing to learn from other coworkers and at the same time want to give their colleagues their support whenever possible and necessary. 

Our company language is English, speaking Chinese is a bonus given our company’s roots. Due to our startup nature, skills you might have in other technical areas can also be highly beneficial for us as we tend to do many things ourselves without dedicated personnel. 

Open Positions

Currently we do not offer any open positions.

How to apply

You want to apply for an open position? That is great! Send your CV and cover letter to jobs@yuneecresearch.com. If you are a student still pursuing a degree, send us a copy of your latest grades. Either way, feel free to also include links to  your past work, code samples or project reports – anything  really that can help us to pin-point your unique experience.


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